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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 28, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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controversy on cnn. hillary is sorry that her personal e-mail caused all this confusion. they criticized donald trump and the likelihood he could be him the presidential nominee. >> could trump become the nominee? >> i think so. how do i know? i don't understand any of it very well. i have been in politics a long time. >> donald trump talked about his tax plan on cbs' "60 minutes" part includes increasing taxes on the wealthy. >> but republicans don't raise taxes. what kind of republican are you? >> the only -- i'm a pretty good republican. i tell you this, i have certain difference, i don't want certain people on wall street getting away without paying a tax. >> the new trump shows donald trump and carson leading the pack. carson is right behind him with 20% and carson isn't shooting
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down the idea of rapper kanye west some day becoming president. on abc "this week" carson said he is willing to give him a chance, as for carley fiorina, she gave am bit of a scare at a campaign event last fight. >> class -- of both -- during the event, the curtain backdrop collapsed at her side and thankfully, no one was hurt. with what time he has left as speaker of the house, john boehner is promising there will not be a government shutdown. in three days, the government is promising to run out of money. boin boehner has a lot to do wafer stepping done at the end
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>> i expected to have a little more cooperation from the some around town to get as much finished as possible. i don't want to leave my successor a dirty barn. so i want to clean the bipartisan up a little bit before the next person gets there. >> on sunday, house minority leader nancy pelosi reacted to the news o boehner resigning. she says she's fought quite sure if she'll miss him. >> we can agree to disagree without being negative with each other. yes, i don't know if i'll miss him, but here one day -- >> pelosi says the whole idea of the speaker resigning is a sign of disarray in the republican party. john boehner is set to step down october 30th. a fifth person did from the tugboat disaster. all of the dead were from that school.
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the ntsb, but they now say they did not have a recommended repair if 2013. verdicts are trying to figure out if the company was aware of that warning. right about now, pope francis is landing back if rome after his three-city u.s. tour. before he left, though, some funny moments to show you. he stopped his profession to kiss the baby dressed like the pope, himself. he dressed with a family that drove 13,000 miles in a volkswagon to meet him. the pope's reaction, quote, are you crazy. but the weekend's funniest moment came saturday night when actor mark wahlberg spoke to the person on stage. >> he whispered in my ear that he loves the movie "ted" and i told him, that was not appropriate for a boy of his
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age. me. >> all right. 860,000 people. >> yeah, at the very least. the next cleanup does continue as you talk about. pope francis gone, memories and impact of this historic six-day u.s. tour will likely alonger for a long time here. the images are just like the moment, overwhelming. down comes philadelphia for the evening, converted into a cathedral. >> it's amazing that the love and the closeness is unbelievable how inspiring. >> more than 800,000 celebrating mass with the holy father. >> he's a wonderful person bringing a beautiful message. >> pope francis began his six-day tour in the nation's capital, addressing a joint
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session of congress, the first pontiff ever reported that honor. he continued to successfully navigate the tight rope between politics an religion as he traveled to new york, speaking before the united nations's general assembly. francis addressing the most powerful leaders in the world. still, taking time for the most vulnerable among us. it was those moment, face-to-face with the faithful that would define this historic visit. a ready smile, a knowing glance, stopping his motorcade to police the children. they were what francis seemed to cherish most. closing out his american tour in philadelphia, focus on family, faith and service and altering one final blessing. >> may the lord bless you all. lord bless america. >> reporter: yeah, now the pope's visit was an economic
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blessing for this city. officials saying it provided as much as a half a billion if revenue to philadelphia. that's the latest live. i'm jay gray, betty, back to you. >> a lot of excitement in many areas, okay. jay, thank you so much. speaking of excitement. let's talk about nasa, they are throwing around something that would make hollywood proud. they are calling eight major science finding the quote mars mystery solved. it likely has to do with the discovery of water on the planet, which would be monumental. but we are still holding out for the hope of what we hope to be. if you happen to look up last night, it seemed like the red planet was paying us a visit. in reality, it was our own moon, a super moon, luan ar eclipse. in fact, a rare combination. the phenomenon starts as close to the earth as it gets. it's up to 14 independence in diameter, thanks to passing, the
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you messed it, which a lot of new york city did, all bus of cloud cover, unfortunately. all right, let's go to mississippi gulf coast. heavy rain turned it into the river. it didn't stop drivers or this dirt bike from taking the tour. the tornado touched down friday morning. hopefully nothing like that. bill kierans is here. good morning. >> pretty warm for a lot of people. a lot of cloidz, a lot people missed that super moon last night. a, the heavy rain goes, mobile has seven inches of rain. that's a lot of rain. this problem in moisture will exist along the gulf coast. ever so slowly, it will get sucked up from forth florida, the west coast of florida, you could see downpours, new orleans, through houston.
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you have muggy-type weather. the top of the rains will be on the move. another little area of low pressure will southwesterly off the southeast coast i. will combine along this front. we see a soaking rain. the possibly of more bigger rainfall than we had in months. we definitely need the rainfall. so from the ohio valley, up to the northeast, the possibility of two-to-three inches of rain. >> that would be much needed rainfall. that's your national weather. now, here's a closer look at your day ahead. you can see the chances of rain, it looked like they were pretty much everywhere. on the hit and miss, the heaviest rainfall in the northern gulf coast. we wait for that cold front ahead of that front. that's a look at your monday forecast. >> maybe a good day for a nice cold one. here's why. today may be a dream come true for you beer drinkers out there. we will explain. high anxiety in the dugout.
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welcome back, everybody, a tragedy in south carolina, a woman falls to her death while trying to help crash victims. jessica smith stopped to help a crash on a bridge t. 29-year-old mom hopped over the bridge thinking the ground was close but instead fell over 20 feet to her death t. truck driver who had fallen off the truck when he fell survived. in australia, a massive 292 sink hole that pulled under water a car, camping trailer and several tents were lost. around 140 people were evacuated. according to recent government reports, 17.4 million americans
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while two-thirds of all victims did suffer financial loss. all right, just ahead, an nfl game delayed, because the field caught fire. plus, fire of a different kind between teammates and the national dugout.
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>> this morning on "today" jeff lawson investigators a hidden danger, exploding manholes, what is causing the problem, there anything you can do to protect yourself. football night in america, to the motor city we go. peyton manning strikes first with a one-yard run. the lions biological leads up over the line for the score. 13 seconds before the half, manning finds demarrious thomas for a 45-yard strike. from there we take it to you late in the fourth quarter. five-point game. they remain undefeated who ill the lions are still looking for their first one afternoon. a pre-game started a small fire. we benefit the action in the third quarter. steelers up by 6. the rams defense hitting it
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big ben roethlisberger has a fee injury. steelers win 12-6. nhl in the making. dan marino in the 400 club. patriots remain undefeated as they crush the jags. 51-17. next, the fireworks between teammates when he and teammate have a physical argument in the dugout. whoa, hey there, now the two men say they later talked it out and talked it up to brothers fighting. philly ended up winning that one. 2016 may be the three-cup sprint:is in the midst of his 25-year career. finally to the biggest payday of them all, jordan spieth collected a whopping $1.4
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million plus a $10 million bonus winning the tour championship an fedexcup playoff t. 22-year-old texan said it was his part savings cut that helped him over the top. all right. just ahead, one of the biggest stars are calling it quits. a new one begins this evening on
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now, entertainment news. >> she's going to get a truthful event. >> he was a democrat, too. >> you got bush. >> well, ready or not, trevor noah gets ready for hotel transylvania, ii. >> that is the biggest september opening ever. the intern was next bringing in just over 18 million and maze runner the sports trial edges into third. they tell "people" magazine they mutually decided to end their marriage, the two married six months after they met. last week they found a german word that dw can use. >> this may come from
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i quickly rinse off. and i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion -- in the body lotion aisle. >> katy perry is set up to buy los angeles convent. in court documents thursday the singer purchaser took advantage of one of the elderly nuns. they claim the elderly nun rejected her $4.5 million offer for the convent. and on nbc, twin towers in style.
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look at this, it happened over the weekend, the 490-foot chimneys were blown up in such a way. >> it is. >> yes, they crashed into each other as they came crumbling down. kind of fitting, right? thousands of people gathered to watch the demolition. well, police in northern california say vandals attacked a missionary. he was toppled, pope francis elevated the fire on friday, despite criticism of his harsh treatment of native americans. >> being a saint doesn't mean a person is perfect. we all have our flaws. we all have our defects. >> police say the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. cars, they lined up for free gas in the ukraine to celebrate the end of summer. that's how they do it.
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here's the catch. you had to wear a bikini in order to fill up on free fuel. everyone is getting in on the action. the men could get the free app. >> yeah, it did. today just happened to be national drink a beer day. no information here, according to a 2014 survey in "gal up" and let's grab a beer. more americans prefer to get together over a beer rather than a cocktail. if you choose a drink, please do so. >> i did so, beer day. in. ka, a dog on surfboards. >> it was surfs up for a 64 laid back k-9 at the surf city dog competition. am i seeing double here? it happened in huntington beach. dogs were judged on a variety of skills. confident on the boards.
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here's a look ahead. the former prison murderer will be sentenced. joyce mitchell faces 17 years in prison. convicted killers richard matt and david sweat broke out of the clinton correctional in june. they weren't found for three weeks. this is "early today."
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new this morning, two little sisters missing. new information just in from police. plus, tense talks today. president obama is due to meet with russian president vladimir putin. and a campaign collapse. see the moment a stage falls apart behind a presidential hopeful. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's monday morning. it is september 28th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris has the morning off, but dave price is here with the forecast. dave, what kind of day are we seeing? >> we're going to see a day of changes, that's for sure. we begin the day with comfortable temperatures. 67 degrees. 61 in poughkeepsie. 67 in montauk. warmer than normal, up to about 79 degrees. as we put it together, the changes come in the form of
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clouds today and the possibility of thundershowers tonight. i think the risk increases as we head through the next 72 hours or so, and we could see some significant rain rolling in our direction. all much needed. we'll tell you about that. in the meantime, that's a look at today's weather. emily is here with a look at your transit. >> and the ride, we have a couple things. closure on long island. montauk highway by south strong avenue. you can head up to sunrise highway. and in westchester county, couple lanes blocked with construction on between exit 7 to 10. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you. new this morning, police need help finding two toddlers. they're sisters and missing in brooklyn. tracie strahan is in brownsville with more. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about toddlers, just 2 and 3 years old. they haven't been seen in this area since saturday morning. over the phone police told me
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they're believed to be in the custody of their biological mother, who's not supposed to have custody of them. let's show you the photos released just a few hours ago. they're sisters. they were dropped off by their foster parents for a court-ordered visitation, but their mother did not return them at the scheduled time. again, they're believed to be in the custody of their biological mother. police are not yet releasing her name. of course, anyone who's seen these two sisters asked to contact police immediately. back to you. >> all right, tracie trey shan in brownsville. thank you. happening now, the search for a hit-and-run driver in queens. police say a burgundy colored jeep hit a 30-year-old man crossing union turnpike just before 10:00 last night. this is new video from the scene
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near wood haven boulevard in forest hills. the victim was taken to jamaica hospital in critical condition. happening today, the employee who helped two convicted killers escape an upstate prison finds out just how much time she's going to spend behind bars. sentencing hearing scheduled for today for joyce mitchell. she's the 51-year-old who admitted to smuggling in hacksaw blades and other tools for david sweat and richard matt to break free. she'll serve between two and seven years in prison. donald trump remains in first place among republicans, but by a razor thin margin. trump is the first choice among 21% of the gop voters. now ben carson is right behind him with 20%. senator marco rubio and carly fiorina are tied for third place with 11% each.
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